Why our Schlafhorst Autoconer 338 spares are best?

A new era of winding technology began in 1997 with the introduction of the Autoconer 338 winding machine. Even the smallest unit of the total machine concept is designed according to the technological, flexibility and efficiency demands.

We are quality Schlafhorst Autoconer 338 machine spares parts manufacturers as well as providing service for import and export for the same one on based of your product number and sample, also we customize spares as per your required criteria & best price range which suitable for your business. We offer to buy spares-parts which given below list & also from the product gallery such as Schlafhorst Auto coner (AC5-X5, 238 & X6) as well as Murata 21C & QPRO textile industry machine parts with complete maintenance and refurbishment of individual spares.

The continuous performance increase of Auto coner winding units and the entire winding process can thus be achieved according to specific requirement for all spinning mills through the extendible modular machine concept of the Autoconer Machine 338, regardless of the requirements set and subsequent process competence of each individual quality package.

Continuous development of adaptable single modules and of the total open-design concept, contribute to further flexibility in production and at the same time high economic efficiency.

Check the Spares-Parts List:

  • Gripper Arm shutter covers
  • Motherboard
  • Printed Circuit Board (PCB)
  • Drum shaft Assembly
  • Unbreakable suction Tubes
  • Actuating Lever
  • Ejector plate
  • Opener Arm stud pins
  • All types of springs
  • Imported Thermal Paper rolls
  • Deflection plate
  • Informator cover
  • Tension Sensor protection cover

General Information:

The Autoconer 338 being the innovators for the innovations in the textile industries. In the year 1997, it is ready with new drives and sensors for production. This made "Schlafhorst - The innovators" the next generation textile technology innovations. Autotense FX is the 1st online yarn tension controller, is still the undisputed industry benchmark today.