Why us for Schlafhorst & Savio Autoconer 138 Spares?

A Bharti Textile Industries is one of the Schlafhorst Autoconer 138 spares manufacturing company in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. As well as we provide kind of manufacture, export and import services in best & cheapest price for spares of textile wind savio and schlafhorst 238, 338, AC5 & 21C as well as wide & cheapest price range of machine parts.

With us, you find around all Autoconer Spares 138 by delivering over Gujarat (India). Our experts are like to educate about the procedure and requirements for installing it within your business budget. As well as our trade experts/manufacturers guide you for any help regarding export the spares and other products which you want in best pricing.

Buy from our large product catalog which has all the major textile machinery spares-parts over all the Indian Market. We like to receive any suggestion and feedback from our potential customers.

We were the pioneers to introduce the bobbin carrier systems for type D/V machines.

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  • Double tension shoes
  • Toothed wheel
  • Drive wheel
  • Friction Rolls
  • All types of pull Rods
  • All type of springs
  • Paddle
  • Adaptor Big and small
  • Swivel Lid
  • Brush
  • Elbow Lever
  • Yarn catch Device Fittings
  • Tray Pistons
  • Butterfly valve
  • Initiators

General Information:

A new era of winding technology began in 1977 the next generation of machines - Auto coner 138 was introduced where the electrical, pneumatic and mechanical functions were separated splicing technology was also introduced at this page.

It's an innovation from joining technology. This product is giving a surprised to the textile industry in the year of 1976 with its massive mechanical and electrical functionalities. But after 2 years in 1978 the extensive splicer mechanism taking it to a new era by Yarn Joining: a splice replaced bonds for the 1st time. Productivity in preparing expanded extensively and the nature of the completed articles was hugely improved.